David and goliath on Studen Show
David and goliath on Studen Show
David vs Goliath by Thivan Ly

The Battle of Technologies

For years, many developers and evangelists have compared technologies against one another which could stand the test of time. Gathering the masses of like-minded people to weigh up one technology against another, similar to good vs evil, a battle of David vs Goliath or if you should drink your tea with or without milk.

Alas!! This article will be no different!

With the dramatic entrance concluded, I do want to give a comparison, my personal feedback and view after working in both technologies building mobile applications, for myself and for customers. To give context to my professional experience in Version…

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I first heard about Flutter when I was searching through Medium. “Flutter the future of mobile”, “Why you should learn Flutter in 2020”, “How to use Flutter and influence people” (made that one up but totally using it for another article!) flooded a lot of the search results. Reading article after article about how great people were saying Flutter was, I thought I would add this framework to the tool belt (another way to not finish my side projects).

I decided I was going to build an app in my spare time after learning some of the basics on Flutter…

Kieran McCarthy

Mobile and Cloud Consultant | Coffee Lover | Creator | Hoping to better my writing skills and learn more about the technologies I'm writing about.

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